The charging infrastructure along the highways is good!

Seriously: what was bad 3 years ago is really useful today.

“The charging infrastructure is not yet good enough” is a common argument for not yet switching to an electric car. And indeed: 3 years ago I would have signed that. I switched to electric anyway (and no: not a Tesla), but you can’t expect everyone to have the same spirit of adventure and willingness to compromise that I brought with me as a man of conviction (and which my wife was also thankfully prepared to share).

However, I have noticed how many people still repeat this sentence, which was correct 3 years ago, today. This is partly understandable, who regularly keeps up to date with how the situation is changing. However, the momentum here is so strong that what I am writing today will be almost obsolete in six months’ time. The charging infrastructure along the highways is good today! Major players such as EnBW and Aral Pulse have recognized the signs of the times and are massively expanding their fast-charging infrastructure. Other CPOs such as Mer, Pfalzwerke, EWE-Go, Fastned and Allego are also expanding rapidly.

You can view the charging infrastructure on the highways with the ChargingTime app

Our ChargingTime app(available in the AppStore) shows how well the routes are now developed. If you plan a route here, all fast charging stations along this route are displayed. And if you scroll all the way up to the finish, you can also see a small statistic. On the Dresden – Freiburg route, there is now a fast-charging park with at least 4 x 150 kW charging points every 12 km on average (left-hand image), and every 11 km on the Munich – Berlin route. But there is also a small problem: there is a section > 70 km where there is no site with at least 4 x 150 kW.

Knowing how many fast-charging options are available on the route simply gives a feeling of security, and range anxiety disappears very quickly. I take a quick look at the route in the app before every long journey, so I know what I’m getting into.

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Charging infrastructure on the highways. ChargingTime route overview