Find the best fast chargers for your planned route

The ChargingTime app is easy to use. After entering your starting point and destination, all available fast chargers on your route will be displayed. With just one touch, you can filter by charging power and number of chargers.

Define your route

By entering your start and destination, ChargingTime automatically generates a list of all available fast charging stations on your route. You can also set intermediate goals.

Discover charging stations

With one touch, you can filter fast charging stations according to the available power and the number of charging stations. All charging stations on your route are displayed in a list.

Get to know the surroundings

For each charging station, you will find useful information from the ChargingTime database about the surrounding area - such as restaurants and cafés, toilet facilities or shopping opportunities that you can use while charging.

Use CarPlay while driving exclusively with ChargingTime Gold

All charging stations at a glance

With CarPlay, you always have an overview of all charging stations while driving. You can see the distance to the charging station, so you always have an overview of everything. You can also see whether the charging stations are available or not. You can either plan them in or simply browse them spontaneously while driving and send them to the navigation system. You can find them under the "All loaders" view.

CarPlay Filter

Filter charging stations

In CarPlay, you can also easily and clearly filter by the number and charging capacity of charging stations while driving to find the best charging station. We have prepared a few popular combination filters, but you can also filter individually. You can find this view under "Filter".

Planned charging stations

While driving, you can always keep an eye on your planned charging stations with CarPlay. The distance between the charging stations and the total distance from your current position to the charging stations is displayed. Here you can also see emojis for the amenities on site. Your interim goals are also sorted here.

CarPlay Geplant Nicht auf der Route

Changed route

The symbols are highlighted in gray if you are no longer on the planned route. The route is then automatically recalculated. If your planned charging stations are still on the new route, they will remain visible in the "Planned" view.

CarPlay Detailansicht

Detailed view in CarPlay

In the detailed view, you can see all charging stations that match your filter settings, as well as all local amenities such as cafés or restaurants.

CarPlay Ladestation einplanen

Directly to the navigation system or scheduling

Tap on a charging station to select it. Send the charging station directly to your navigation system or plan the charging station to see it in the "Planned" view for later in a compact overview.

Apple CarPlay

ChargingTime in the car

ChargingTime im Auto

ChargingTime in the car

ChargingTime is optimized for Apple CarPlay. This makes ChargingTime the best choice for searching for charging stations on long journeys, directly on your car's large display.


ChargingTime offers you flexibility and ease of use

When planning a new route, you can select any fast charger on your route with a single touch. If you want to charge there, simply add the charging station to your route.

You can plan a new route in this menu,
re-plan the route from your current position
and manage the settings.

Zoom to fit the entire route,
Switching between live and follow mode

Name and number of fast chargers,
Distance from the starting point of the route

Detailed information on the location -
to restaurants, cafés, toilets or
Shopping facilities

Graphical representation of the route with all
Fast charging stations on the route

Charging station for route planning
add or remove,
Start route planning

Filter the charging stations by
Charging power and quantity

Current status:
on or off the route

Number and status of fast chargers:
Free, busy or with fault message

Menu: plan new route,
the route from the current
Reschedule position,
Manage settings.
Adjust zoom to
the entire route,
Switch between
Live and follow mode
Name and number
the fast charger,
Distance from start
point of the route
Overview of available
Fast charging stations,
detailed Information on
to the location: Cafés,
Restaurants, restrooms,
Shopping facilities...
Graphical representation
the route with all
Fast charging stations
on the track
Current status:
on or outside
the planned route
Number and status
the fast charger:
free, occupied or with
Fault message

Plan your next route in the way that suits you best

All fast chargers on your route with information on restaurants, toilets and shopping facilities. Download now in the App Store.