ChargingTime – “On Your Route GmbH” develops innovative app for convenient travel planning in electric vehicles

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Stuttgart, February 28, 2024   – The ChargingTime app is revolutionizing the use of electric vehicles and travel planning in electric cars – the focus is on people and their individual needs.

ChargingTime is the first route planning app that makes it possible to spontaneously plan the various charging stops even after the journey has started. Previous tools automatically calculate where to charge based on the battery size and range – the breaks are prescribed to the driver before the journey begins. ChargingTime is different: here the driver regains complete control over his journey planning. And they can decide for themselves where and when they want to charge at any time and adapt their charging stops to their individual needs, such as a coffee break, lunch, children’s playground, etc.

ChargingTime also offers enormous advantages, especially during traffic jams or closures: The charging stations on the bypass are recalculated in the background so that the user can continue on their route in a relaxed manner.

The app was developed by “On Your Route GmbH”, a young start-up from Stuttgart. The app conveniently displays all fast-charging stations along the route together with the most important information about the surrounding area in a map or list view. Filter the charging stations by number, power or operator in just a few easy steps. The highlight is the CarPlay integration with a list of charging stations that is constantly updated during the journey. The ChargingTime app is intended to replace planning before the journey. Spontaneous rescheduling is the unique selling point of the ChargingTime app.

The app is available free of charge for iOS devices in the App Store and has been continuously developed since then – for example, the app has also supported subscriptions for electric company car fleets since June 2023. For €4.99 per month or €34.99 per year, the app can be expanded to include valuable additional functions: CarPlay, display of charging point availability, altitude information, stopovers and operator filters. The fee-based functions can be tested free of charge for one or two weeks before the annual subscription. There is also a “family subscription” that can be shared with the whole family via Apple’s “Family Sharing” function – this eliminates the cost of an additional subscription within a family.

Felix Geibel, Founder and CEO of On Your Route GmbH: “We have set ourselves the goal of helping to shape the transformation to the mobility of the future with ChargingTime. ChargingTime is the answer to the reservations about electromobility: we make electric travel flexible, carefree and convenient. The milestones achieved in 2023 confirm that we are on the right track.”

In the meantime, “On Your Route GmbH” has succeeded in convincing 44,000 environmentally conscious users of ChargingTime via . More than 1,100 Premium subscribers now use the app and over 22,000 smartly planned routes every month show how travel is being redefined.

Press contact ChargingTime:

Sabine Weber, PR Manager On Your Route GmbH 
Mobile: +49 151- 423 11 369


About ChargingTime:

ChargingTime is an innovative charging planning app that not only supports travel planning with the electric vehicle with features such as “charging power”, “occupancy” or “charging duration”, but also responds to individual user needs such as “restaurant”, “good coffee”, “children’s playground” and many more. – with Google Maps and integration into the vehicle via CarPlay or Android Auto allows flexible adaptation to current conditions at any time during the journey.

Developed by Felix Geibel in November 2021, the app doesn’t focus on charging, but on people. The idea for the app was born during one of the founder’s family vacations, which made him realize that there is more to good travel planning than the charging process: in his case, charging the electric vehicle had to be reconciled with the needs of the children (playing, eating something tasty quickly). 

Since spring 2022, the team has been strengthened by Jonas Sulzer, who is constantly developing the app together with Felix Geibel. An important aspect for the further development of the app is the regular exchange with users – this is how ideas for additional functions that make traveling with the e-vehicle even more convenient are created.