Long-distance electric driving - relaxed and worry-free

Entspannte frohe Elektroautofahrer mit ChargingTime App

Long-distance electric driving - relaxed and worry-free

Übersicht Schnelllader entlang Route

Will I find enough charging stations when I need them?

Use ChargingTime to get an overview of how well the route is equipped with fast chargers before you set off. You'll be surprised how many there are now!

CarPlay - volle Ladeparks erkennen

Will the charging station be free?

Avoid charging jams! No other app gives you such a clear overview of which charging parks are currently overcrowded and where there are enough free fast chargers available while you are driving. This means you can almost always quickly find an alternative to crowded charging parks without having to take a detour!

Einkehr- und Einkaufsmöglichkeiten

Spontaneous food
or a coffee break?

Use your spontaneous breaks to charge and find the nearest fast-charging park with good food options with just a few taps. Or the nearest restaurant with a fast-charging park. And even spontaneously during the journey. This way you don't have to take a break twice.

Frau im Café

Do I have to plan in advance?

With ChargingTime, you decide where you want to spend your break. If you want, even spontaneously during the journey. There are now so many charging parks that it no longer makes sense to take a break exactly where your battery is at 10%. Instead, take your break where it's nice, where you can get a good coffee, where there's a playground for your children! ChargingTime does not prescribe the breaks, but helps you to find the best charging park for you!

ChargingTime im CarPlay

Can I also operate the app in the car while driving?

You don't need to touch your cell phone while driving: thanks to CarPlay support, all important functions can be operated directly in your car's instrument cluster.

Frau arbeitet im Café mit Sandwich und Cappuccino

Make the most of your breaks!

Filter out the loading bays where your favorite restaurant or café is located. Or those with a supermarket. A piece of cake with our restaurant or hashtag filter! You can also add hashtags yourself and help other users find the best charging park. How about "dog-friendly", "portafilter" or "beautiful view"?

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